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A group of high school-aged students, ages 14-19 who reside in across Metro Atlanta counties in Georgia. They are trained as peer educators by MTCI’s Peer Manager to facilitate interactive, marriage appreciation, health and wellness educational presentations among other student groups and throughout communities that we serve, as well as youth across Georgia in accordance with the Healthy Marriage Initiative Demonstration Grant 93.086. The will help teens internalize the values presented ~ not just hear the information, not just intellectually process the information ~ but take ownership of the material and put it into practice in their own lives. Peer educators will drive all community events and reinforce the lessons taught in the classroom.

The MATURE PEERsuaders ...


We assist peer educators and gain valuable experience in a number of areas, like conducting community events, facilitating workshops, developing and coordinating, acting as a resource for students who request help making informed, healthy decisions.


We provide a way for students to come together socially and gain life skills in leadership, responsibility, organization, and networking. The students involved in this project are motivated by the desire to improve lifestyles for themselves and their peers.


We serve as ambassadors for More Than Conqueror’s Inc, with the marriage appreciation education, providing relevant application and encouragement to the MATURE Plus II Project in the lives of adolescents.


We learn and practice effective interpersonal, decision-making, problem-solving, and program planning skills which are all important life skills for higher education, future careers and the ability to form and sustain healthy marriages.


We seek to provide an effective peer network that will advocate, promote and support healthy relationship skills, healthy friendships and future formations of healthy marriages and families.


We seek to bring awareness to issues associated with unhealthy behaviors through education and up-to-date information, as well as life skills training to assist students in making healthy lifestyle choices.


We will inform and communicate to our peers, as well as the communities about the proven benefits of healthy marriages for men, women, children and the community

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