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Improving the capacity of youth in Metropolitan Atlanta to form safe and stable families sustained through a network of community support.

Projects and Programs

Mature Plus II

Our 15 week interactive curriculum for healthy relationships skills building in multiple key areas.

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Peer Project

Serving a minimum of 200 Rockdale County high school students and community youth, age 14-19, that are most at risk for involvement in risky behavior.

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Mature Plus PEERsuaders are teens who educate other teens on marriage appreciation, health, and wellness in our communities. We are student ambassadors!

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The Voice PC

The Voice Peer Club Vision is a student organization that encourages & empowers teens in making healthy lifestyle choices thru the broadcasting of Risk Avoidance Messages. Please come and find out how

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Support Services

Support Services are services provided to students in the schools in Gwinnett, Newton, Rockdale, and Fulton that are receiving the Relationship Smarts PLUS 3.0 curriculum. 

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"Beginning to Work It Out" is a 10-lesson soft skills program designed to help at-risk youth and young adults develop the people skills and personal insights needed to transition from adolescence to a life of work. 


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Jacorius Williams Conyers, Ga

Working with MTCI as a Peersuader and even as a member of The Voice club has really been a blessing for me in disguise. I was always aware of the wiser decisions but of course, as a developing teenager, I was still prone to making the choices that wouldn't have many benefits to me nor the people that surrounded me. Now that I look back on my life and actions before MTCI as compared to after completing a course of PEER educating with them, I would have considered myself a teenager instead of the wiser young man I've grown to be. I'm making smarter decisions now, while considering my future and the long term effects of the choices I make. I'm really pursuing to implement MTCI's "Setting the Standard" code so that my family and I can have the best chance at a bright and successful future. 

Mayra Mendez Conyers, Ga

MTCI has inspired me to live my life by correct choices and good values. As a young teenager, I didn't have much idea of how important it is to make the correct choices. In my experiences, I believe our choices lead to what we want and affect our lives in so many ways. I also learned how important it is to have good friends, value my family, and enjoy my job. We can prevent so many mistakes depending on the choices we make and by being a MTCI PEERsuader made me value my life as well as the ones around me. I'm really thankful for being able to experience such wonderful job and everyone can be successful as long as you make the right choices!

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